Eliminating Distortion by Empowering Precise History and Accurate Education

How often are history books distorted? Are they subject to a periodic examination by certain bodies to ensure conformity to their supremacy? What factors in as historic alteration from the truth? How many historians tell the tale as it is? Is the education system as a whole suffering a similar fate as our history books?


History has been a telltale between families, governments, teachers, historians, and libraries. Each group gives you their version of the truth. Not necessary all of them being false, but certainly you’d find minute if not decisive differences in details. Especially history, if it was not well written, bits and pieces get lost along the way of passing it verbally down the line of generations. Growing up, many groups in history lessons were presented in an incorrect connotation. Did you know that Christopher Columbus did not stumble mistakenly to America and that he is not its first discoverer? Did you know Africa’s Mansi Musa was there a few centuries before Columbus? Did you know Native Americans were actually of the Islamic religion? Chances are you were taught the “Discoverer of America” page from the twisted book.


History is a vital subject that its level of accuracy correlates with the humans’ right path. The higher the accuracy of history taught in schools, the higher the precision in evaluating and “learning from history”. If we continue to understand it incorrectly, our analyses and decisions will be based on false ground zero data. Indecision sciences, that is catastrophic. When can we finally ask for the right version of the truth? One reason why it has been this way for a while is that it conflicts with certain groups’ agendas. Hence, current school systems are considered Weapons of Mass Distortion, i.e education manipulation. Is this why Bush II invaded Iraq? Did George mean WMDs in this way? Did Saddam invade school curriculums that George needed to free them from being influenced?


Education manipulation is the most strategic, devious, and long term weapon of all time. From incorrect facts, biased views, manipulated media, and forced allocation of mindsets, future generations may face a time where they cannot be creative anymore. According to my simulation on intentional misrepresentation of information in education, invading groups, especially those with an expansion complex, have two choices in the target land. First is to intentionally falsify all data, worsen education and schooling systems, reduce the quality of teaching and teachers, and create periodic chaos to shift students’ attention every now and then as part of a psychological alteration of thought and learned intelligence.

Second is to wire all education systems and curriculums to the benefit of their wellbeing through the separation of first-third world countries, glorify their lands and leaders, undermine competition, socially segregate between competing groups, and finally teach political bias and propaganda. Hereby tuning the agenda to their benefits through biased education systems that children will grow to learn, discriminate, and psychologically relate power with certain groups and weaknesses with others. Have you heard of divide and conquer? Well, that is not only attributed to war strategies against the target country’s hierarchy but also on education. Groups may also be inclined to segregate the talented few from the ungifted most. What kind of strategies that are used for? Well, in order to lead the world, can you have incompetence or normal by your side?


Manipulating history is not only available in certain regions of conflict or war zones, but it may also be available in developed countries too. While promoting human rights and freedoms, they are embedding certain perspectives within individuals indirectly without necessarily offending or weakening the presence of their enemies. For example, distorting a historic event where a foe was triumphant by subjecting the reasons behind their victory as a strong motivational speech before the war, lack of options other than battle, or physical strength. Not necessarily false or offensive, these options were taught in order to drift away from the possible reality of the matter, which could be the utmost belief in their supreme calling that allowed them to become victorious.

While doing so, individuals, especially of the young age, will not be able to relate or understand forwardly the strength of belief with power that allowed groups in history to win in physical and nonphysical battles. This distortion method was destined to prevent these young generations from understanding the strength of ultimately believing, or at least reduce the extent of belief, which is a necessity for humans as mere creatures. Everyone intends to have their future generations become as prime as they can be, and the most vital characteristics of someone’s dominance or superiority is the belief, which dictates someone’s ethics, morality, and just nature. All of these can be acquired through precise history, hence through accurate education.


Only the fear of education manipulation being true, even in democratic and freedom reigning regions, future families may be inclined to homeschooling. This way, parents will be able to ensure that the education and curriculums taught to their children are the ones they willfully agree on, “their version of the truth”. This is not necessarily the best option given that most people are not trained in all sciences, but for the very least will enable them to sleep at night knowing their children are following a certain right version without being manipulated or brainwashed.

It is not so bad, though, because according to my simulation, this will lead to varieties of thinking and an unlimited amount of diversity between people from similar cultures while avoiding biased or incorrect points of view. Everything in life has its pros and cons, but ensuring your children will not become soldiers of evil or slaves of tyrants is enough reason.

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