Everything Bad is Manmade

How is disorder transcribing around the world? What are the reasons that justify societal turmoil and tragedy? Are terrorist groups self-made with an unlimited source of resources? Are wars occurring because of an actual desire for democracy and world protection? Are military coups a result of a fundamental longing for administrative freedom and equality? Are dictatorships alive because of their unlimited and unequal power? Are invaders long-living because of their will for peace and reestablishment? How can we rectify the path to nature’s peril? And how can we rectify the path to human peril?

Man and nature, the two are very parallel but with very distinct classifications

Everything bad is manmade. The world we live in witnessed many series of events throughout the years that portray inhumane and hostility to the independent, free, and equal nature of humans and the surrounding environments. As a result, Earth’s democracy lost its meaning, especially in the last century. Discrimination, inequality, totalitarianism, infiltration, and subversion, destruction of habitats, pollution, and negligent extraction of earth’s resources. These are all examples of what man did and will continue to do so in the name of personal interests and rapacious expansion. In the animal kingdom, there is a specific hierarchy and order of things between different species, which emerged innately and ensued precisely. According to zoologists, without frequent human interferences, such kingdoms flourish even if we as humans only see the worst out of a species that lack the most vital part that puts us in the superiority, a complex and multi-functional brain. Our mental comprehension of matters is the direct reason behind our actions that stem from specific reasoning influenced by societal and political norms. According to researchers, “we sometimes see government decisions or legislations bad. That is because our innate self understands the basic and most fundamental elements more than our learned or appropriated behavior.” The strength of humans lies in our proper way of employing our intelligence, contributing to growing Earth’s population and environments by adequately understanding the order of the universe.

Man’s corruption is universally understood due to the dire need for power and control

“Corruption and disorder have appeared in the land and in the sea with what people‘s hands have done.” – Ar-Rum 30:41. The leading cause, as identified by analysts, for man’s multilayered corruption and disorder, is the increasing need for power and control beyond naturally-approachable limits untethered from the public. According to a simulation on government control, as civilizations advanced and the density of the population increased, the only way to maintain power is by keeping objectives and benefits hidden from the public that can be the primary supporter or the primary enemy to power. Any event occurring suddenly and without a predetermined notice, causing substantial unrest to a specific group but certain benefits to a few others, has a significant chance of being manmade. According to analysts, nowadays, the balance between socio-political groups and people is quite disproportional that any stakeholder must be indicated as a winner or a loser. Other than natural disasters, which have a good purpose beyond human comprehension, humans are usually the species causing the terrible disasters. A terrorist group with a limited number of supporters and combatants owning an unlimited amount of funds causing world turmoil and significant domestic destruction, yet no proper efforts locally and internationally were executed in a timely fashion even if several leaderships publicly announced a collaboration to their demise. A coup in Libya under the presumptuous name of “democracy” led by a mercenary and former General attempting to cause social tragedy and agitation without a proper strategy or plan for a country’s democratic leadership, yet governments are publicly backing this ferocious endeavor.

A coup in Egypt seven years ago led by an unknowledgeable minister of defense’s national party against democracy, causing unconstitutional proceedings and incarceration by despotism with false promises for the country’s betterness, yet his benefactors are continuously backing this totalitarian-like governance. Tyrannical conspiracies with divide-and-conquer tactics against a once majority now minorities around the world throughout time in an effort for depopulating this specific culture or belief for objectives stemming from religious insecurities and non-coexistence, yet media and governments are overlooking this malicious but obscure actions. Media setting the agenda for the audience and reader on the importance of one-sided matters while suppressing others, yet no real auditors to their propaganda are making them accountable for public misrepresentation. An international organization leading the peaceful and global synthesis of governments under a unified set of protocols decided and corresponded by a remarkably few powerful bodies, yet every leadership party seems to be aboard this integration to cosmocracy. A monopolized and closed global market, controlled by few bodies, that is presumed to be open and free for all market entrants and players, yet commissions are not genuinely seeking to resolve this matter as it appears to do so publically. Ongoing massive-scale corruption in world leaderships and governments from the Far East to the Far West, yet no international organization that presumes world protection is batting a proper eye for justice.

COVID’s growth and improvement are manmade

COVID wildfire, officially noted as an act of nature while others explain that it was conspired to be intentionally released, is also noted as a manmade problem. Before becoming a pandemic, the coronavirus was limited and restricted in Wuhan, the officially known ground zero of the virus. Knowing that it was highly contagious after a series of fast-developing cases in the city, governments‘ response was mediocre at best and highly negligent, causing the virus to spread vigorously between people and geographies. Acknowledging this issue, according to former officials from developed countries, governments and China should have aspired to constrict the citizens of Wuhan and close down the city to prevent this risk from turning into an epidemic, not to mention a pandemic. If it had left Wuhan, governments should have halted globalization and focused on self-sufficiency. The increasingly globalized system of the world, as explained in “Globalization may not be as healthy. Autarky may not be as bad,” was the primary reason behind COVID’s quick plague and deaths thereof. The deaths, according to reports, were mostly displayed by chronically ill individuals and the elderly. Intelligence agencies and national security measures that often monitor individuals, both foreign and domestic, for any criminal and irregular activity should have foreseen such a problem and advised for territorial and civilian protection against a tinier enemy in collaboration with preventive disease entities. According to analysts, simulations for such an issue happened many times over the years, even right before COVID itself; however, the care and attention demonstrated as a result were highly lacking. Whether this virus was natural made or manmade, parties leading the fight against COVID in the name of humanity are responsible for the economic, social, and public health deterioration.

Humans prefer tranquility, but the few choose commotion, just like Iraq’s modern developments

According to simulation on the natural habitat of humans, people innately prefer to live solemnly and with tranquility. This stems from the instinct to grow and populate while empowering the environments. As such, if a country was calm and proportionally democratic by all means, including social, economic, and political, then any unrest is associated with an alien invasion seeking to disrupt this peace while benefitting from its outcomes. History suggests that these disturbances come in different forms, whether by waging war, sparking social protests, or devising an uprising and infiltrating through supportive domestic officials. As explained in the “Iraq War, an imperially devised contemplation of democracy,” G W Bush gunned for a war against Iraq even though there is no proper or factual evidence for backing this resolution that officially mandated fitting reasoning. It was proven that Iraq’s leadership did not possess, or planned to possess, weapons of mass destruction, or have any unconventional relations to terrorist groups. Although, according to investigators, many countries around the world today have WMDs, direct and public relations with terrorist groups, and live in a dictatorship-like democracy, yet America is not gunning for it, even sometimes seeking a specific and unique relationship. This need for violent and surgical operations started from G H Bush’s gulf war, to Clinton’s quiet war through severe trade and financial sanctions that destroyed the livelihoods of many citizens and dislocated many more that sought to bring down the prosperity and riches of Iraq, to G W Bush’s Iraq War and final invasion after a decade of moral and physical destruction of the Iraqi civilians and its belligerents. According to evaluations, it was an “imperially devised plan since the Gulf War to succumbing the country into a full-fledged moral and physical destruction with an unconventional allegiance locally and in the neighborhood.” Prior to Saddam’s official reign to power, Iraq lived in a socially quiet and politically stable time with a steadily increasing economic growth. According to reports, Iraq’s GDP before the Gulf War exponentially improved and exceeded many developed and developing countries, with advanced, highly self-sufficient, and prosperously living conditions. The Iraqi dinar equated nearly 3 dollars in the last century, even through Clinton’s severe sanctions, but plunged by nearly 500,000% after the invasion of America on account of the issuance of a new Iraqi Dinar currency and naming the old one the ‘Swiss Dinar’. It was an intentional destruction to inflating the economy and devaluing the currency for devious objectives, pushing a significant portion of people, from the working and middle class, to poverty. It is safe to say that America led the social, economic, religious, political, military, and constitutional destruction of Iraq on the grounds of an originally infiltrated and penetrated Iraqi government. The new world order, as per G H Bush, seemingly did not plan very well for that kind of turn of events and escalation.

Nature flourishes without humans, but humans wither without nature

Recurrent natural disasters from thousands and millions of years ago are categorized as cataclysmic, whereby many living things and habitats are destroyed. However, they are also the reason behind Earth’s rehabilitation and adequacy with an overabundance of resources. Such as volcanos, which contribute to the destruction of habitats, naturally replenishes and supplies them with richer nutrients committing to rebuilding the livelihoods of living things. Similar to humans, who inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide every second, they’re replenishing their blood flow and distribution system with a fresher and cleaner circulation of oxygen, where the cells are regenerating continuously. Just like humans’ need for breathing to survive, these natural disasters have a purpose, which then flourishes the planet into a new environmental era that supports all and new living beings. According to evaluations, these events are universally planned. The sustainability of the planet thrives on rehabilitation every now and then given the ever-changing nature of the environments and the deliberate destruction encountered. According to environmental analysts, habitats come and go, but species often remain alive provided that the natural habitat and conditions are suitable thereof. Once man began exploring and possessing lands with evil or exploitative goals, outside the biological norm or beyond his need, directly contradicting the world’s way of order, many species went extinct, and corruption spread through the land. According to theorists, humans are outside the equation of nature, given our mental superiority and thinking capability that portray environments to be cosmically facilitated for us. “Humans need to be more grateful. These lands and seas are facilitated for our natural and prosperous expansion, not greed and destruction.” The deer that is being hunted by carnivores such as the lions or tigers has a purpose in promoting the circulation of the food chain and helping keep tens of animals alive and surviving. The monkey that is living in fruit trees in the rainforest picking and eating the goods off of it is contributing to the plantation of another fruit tree through his inherent and natural way of consuming. The fish or sea creatures that are being hunted and eaten by larger fish promote the livelihood of the environment and the natural habitat for a higher purpose. The seaweeds and plants that often seem quite disturbing to humans on sea and shore contribute to the Earth’s regulated atmosphere and oxygen levels.
Anything terrible today is not nature-made, but intentionally man-made.

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