Official referral program of consulting centrale

Monetizing referrals.

To tell people they can monetize their business contacts by spreading awareness and referring professionals to consulting Centrale.

Every helping hand for our growth is valued and rewarded.

Anyone can refer and earn.

To tell people that anyone has the power to refer. Individuals or professionals. Does not need to be someone specific. And they can gain at the same time. Opening opportunity to all kinds of people and connections.



by 10 Companies

To tell everyone that referring companies and guiding them until they subscribe yearly will entitle them to €10k per 10 companies.

Special promotions for company referrals.

Companies referring other companies will entitle both not only a monetary compensation, but also will get them both free Consulting.

“Point Referral”. Become a point and gain large.

This is like an official outsourced position, without any contractual commitments of course, where the person will become known as a Point referral if they have many people to tell about us or who actively spread awareness for us.

Referrals for institutes and Professionals.

Referrals include all types of professionals and audiences that work in the professional services sector. Does not restrict to a certain type.

Welcoming professionals

to the structure of tomorrow.

How it works?

Fill the form and refer companies, professionals,firms, or institutes.

Referrals visit Us and become members

Get rewarded for every small referral that becomes a member.

Know someone who can benefit

from our innovation?

Have some good connections?

Your referrals are valuable?

Looking to make an extra buck or two?

Let’s spread the word. Let’s grow.

Let’s coordinate. Let’s become partners.

Need some help?

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