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Be part of Hylman’s maximized intelligence and infopower and deliver with a team of top talent that use data-driven decision making.

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Remotely, hybrid or onsite, our workflow is seamless and empty from unnecessary obstacles. We have one mission: achieve the unachievable.

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Hylman believes in the value of the collective, giving maximized power to the people that only together make up this highly proficient environment.

As we navigate the complexities of the dynamic business landscapes of various industries, the only way to furnish viable solutions is through a global application from a diverse team.

Our History

Time travel through the Hylman story - Sky's the limit

The start of Innovation by the brothers

This year is where it all began for Hassan and Yaman Al-Shama. Through their international exposure, they had the chance to see what is missing out there which sparked the new way of thinking.

Key Milestones

Time travel through the Hylman story - Sky's the limit

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together

This is when ideas were put on the table for solutions across different sectors, brainstorming how to fit them all under one roof and one (global) target market.

Key Milestones

Time travel through the Hylman story - Sky's the limit

Conceptualizing and planning the solutions of tomorrow

As ideas were funnelled through a very tedious process to filter out what works and what does not, with mentorship from high achieving professionals, the brothers moved to take on a primary industry: Consulting.

Key Milestones

Time travel through the Hylman story - Sky's the limit

Hylman, the kickoff to the company of tomorrow

Hylman was established (at the brink of COVID) and the development of the one, cutting-edge solution, started: Consulting Centrale.

Key Milestones

Time travel through the Hylman story - Sky's the limit

Never taking a step back, Hylman went on to accomplish its goals

Through pandemic hardships, Hylman never gave up and kept going to complete the basic intelligent structure of Consulting Centrale, establish its network and foundation, and achieve 5x ISO certifications.

Key Milestones

Time travel through the Hylman story - Sky's the limit

Achieved meteoric growth in talent numbers, IP, and the UK

Talent pool tallied to 100,000+ experts worldwide, allowing Hylman a strong access to near infinite possibilities and service potential while aspiring to penetrate the UK public sector and prove its limitless concept.

Key Milestones

Time travel through the Hylman story - Sky's the limit

Maximized infopower, one-stop shop, and a 10 figure pipeline

Hylman growth exceeded expectations by far, established special programmes for SMEs, achieved maximized infopower, tapped into major markets worldwide with well positioned leaders and ENABLERS, and attained a staggering 10 figure pipeline around the world.

Key Milestones

The key info about us

To remodel industries’ way of doing things with augmented efficiency through cutting edge intelligence, bespoke solutions, and advanced innovations.

Key info about us


direct network of talented experts “special agents” readily available


more diverse expertise than similar high standard firms


additional discount rates for first time buyers in the public sector


more use of new accustomed data intelligence for precise support


pool of talents worldwide across any given speciality


more cost effective day rates than similar high standard firms


satisfaction “happiness gauge” by clients and companies that ran through us


of our experts are with 10+ years of experience


specialized experts available per major city worldwide


less margin/markup than similar high standard firms


higher impact from result-based implementation and support


emphasis on results, excellence and long term customer wellbeing

Always strategic

Putting our best practice forward.

Segment and target

Putting the right people on the right tasks.


Keeping an eye out for potential.

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International standards

It’s the people that make


Putting the right Enablers to lead our vision across the world and take our mission to the next level.

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We are committed to sustainable and inclusive growth

Working hand in hand with the best in the business to ensure sustainable and socially responsible growth.

  • Innovating to net zero
  • Investing in future leaders
  • Developing a thriving workforce
  • Making a case for a new kind of growth
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We're Hylman

HYLMAN Group, or hylman, is a SAS (Societe par actions Simplifiée) company based in Paris, France that operates in consulting services, R&D and hi-tech since August 2019. This Group is run by 2 brothers “Les Deux Frères” Hassan Al-Shama, Cofounder and CEO, and Yaman Al-Shama, Cofounder and General Director.

The goal of HYLMAN is to deliver cutting edge solutions and advanced technologies with the use of an everexpanding, vast and diverse network of talents, improved models and methodologies, systematic and experiential intelligence, and learning capabilities that can help professionals in the B2B sectors and consumers in the C2C sectors, while simplifying the processes of traditional operations served to the international audience.

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Consulting hylman is enabling people to be the best they can be to unleash maximum potential through inclusion, collectiveness, and collaboration to achieve optimized outcomes.

With the resources and firepower at our disposal, we support clients of any size, type, market, industry or sector and enable growth, change, improvement and complete transformation.

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