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Helping companies with their business needs

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How it Works

The system is built upon connecting companies/clients from all industries with niche-specific consultants from all around the world who will have access to the companies’ cases to analyze and provide recommendations, individually or within groups.

Joining of companies

Companies join and pay a cost-effective one-time per period fixed subscription.

Enrollment of consultants

Consultants apply and go through the application procedures for selection to enroll.

  • Post an Issue

    Companies can post as many issues as they want without incurring any additional cost in the period.

  • Cases

    Consultants get matched, or simply find, the cases relative to their expertise and skills.

  • Submit Solutions

    Each consultant submits an engagement proposal and solution.

  • Dashboard

    Companies enjoy a full-fledged dashboard to track, access, and monitor consultants’ planning and analytics.

  • Results

    Companies receive multiple solutions of which they can dissect and choose their course.

  • Rating

    Companies rate the solutions and skills of consultants.

  • Get Paid

    Consultants get paid based on their efforts and rating of companies.

  • Feedback

    Parties can submit their feedback whenever they wish for added value and benefits.

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  • Get solutions until you're satisfied

    Post as many issues you require advisory on at any time
    and get solutions from all kinds of talented consultants.

  • Payment safety and protection

    You securely pay a very cost-effective fixed price only
    once per period without incurring any additional expenses.

  • We are Here For You 24/7

    We’re always here for you, from answering questions
    to resolving issues, all day every day.


Our Expertise

  • Organization & IT

    Change Management

    Organizational Design

    IT Project Management

    IT Architecture

  • Operations

    Production Optimization

    Lean Service Operations

    Supply Chain Management

    Process Management

  • Strategy

    Growth Strategy

    Market Entry Strategy

    Innovation Management

    Business Plan Development

  • Marketing & Sales

    Digital Marketing

    Go-to-Market Strategy

    Sales & Pricing

    Account Management

  • Finances

    Corporate Finance

    Due Diligence

    Risk Management

    Measurement Systems

  • Market Research

    Market Sizing

    Big Data

    Statistical Analysis

    Competitor Analysis


The Triple I-Initiative

Do you have multiple ideas, and require assistance to proceed? Forget about Shark Tank, you came to the right place!

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