Benefits for consultants

  1. Free access to the system for all qualified consultants.
  2. Guaranteed placement for qualified professionals as an independent Consulting entity.
  3. Consultants have the discretion of using the system as a side profession without the full-time commitment.
  4. Consultants can have access to the system whether employed or unemployed.
  5. Ability to consult and work with highly demanded companies internationally.
  6. Compete professionally with consultants from worldly institutions.
  7. Consulting school: Work, collaborate, and progressively learn with and from consultants and companies from all around the world. (Social, Professional, and Academic benefits).
  8. Experiential learning curve with a guaranteed income stream for proactive consultants.
  9. Consultants are able to present their skills and ratings scorecard on their profiles so that Companies will have the chance to hire them off-system.
  10. Ability to network and connect with others to work in groups on cases and issues.
  11. Have the potential to meet leaders, investors, and decision-makers on a rapid basis.
  12. Have access to the most desired professional services industry comfortably and from anywhere in the world.

Benefits for the companies

  1. Ensure the most efficient and quality solutions from a diverse group of specialized consultants in a swift manner.
  2. Highly differentiated and more cost-effective consulting comparatively.
  3. Fixed one-time payment per year or month, without incurring any additional costs during the period.
  4. Companies' payments are used in a sophisticated payment distribution scheme to remunerate proactive consultants fairly and accordingly (CSR/CG aspect and giving back to a diverse community of consultants).
  5. Companies from all industries and sectors are able to join the system and post their issues or cases.
  6. Companies have direct access to a plethora group of specialists and experts in various industries and fields with unlimited access to the system. 
  7. A fully-fledged, private, and dedicated dashboard to monitor, track, and view the work on cases.
  8. Companies can post an unlimited number of cases at any time per period.
  9. Companies have the opportunity to receive multiple solutions for the issues presented and the possibility of assembling them by grouping the consultants in a discussion to reach a unified direction or course of action.
  10. Companies are able to communicate with the consultants through all means of communications.
  11. Companies have the discretion to post cases anonymously (so that consultants are not able to identify the company).
  12. Companies cannot view other Companies' information or cases.
  13. Consulting Centrale ensures robust privacy and dedicated system.
  14. Companies are able to post cases privately so that consultants cannot view each other's solutions or engagements.

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