What kind of

Consultancy, consultants, and reach?

Management and legal consulting within all kinds of sectors and industries. This central consulting system is built upon connecting client companies with a vast pool of diversely specialized expert consulting professionals, vetted and qualified, from all around the world allowing an international reach for client companies and buyers to multicultural, multitalented, and multi-thought consultants at the same time with rapid reach within fingertips using the latest in technology and advanced intelligence to facilitate efficient missions.

Vetted, qualified, and specialized experts

Consulting Centrale promises vetted, qualified, and specialized experts. The CCIP cannot be accessed by any professional without prior authorization of the management, and the management only accepts highly qualified professionals demonstrating track record, baseline security and background, and competence as consultants on the CCIP, guaranteeing the best quality services and standards for the outcomes supported by HYLMAN's dedicated support team.

Insights Center of Excellence

HYLMAN accommodates the consultants by providing them with frequent insights and information on latest data, changes, forecasts, trends, and information using its dedicated research lab’s scientists, researchers, and industry experts that are available around the clock to simulate and produce the new knowledge necessary to have the ability to make data-driven decisions that are precise to time and space from its center of excellence for maximum benefit and best industry practice.

How CCIP works?

CCIP works in ways that cut down on time-consuming activities that are unnecessary to the search for efficiency and solutions. As brief as it sounds, CCIP uses complex technologies in the background to give a hand to the experts and clients to drive sound decisions. Consultants have access, according to their registered skills and industry expertise, to the cases presented by client companies to analyze and provide solutions, individually or within groups.

Companies are able to receive multiple solutions from various specialists of which they have the privilege to accept whichever and to dissect, assemble, or choose the best direction as they see fit, or group the relevant consultants and solutions in a specific “case room” to allow the consultants to discuss, organize, assemble, and choose the most appropriate and unified course of action for the benefit of the client. Clients then rate the consultants who are compensated according to their work, solutions and rating.

Interaction between

Professionals and globalization

Clients are able to connect with consultants through the CCIP using any method of communication as they wish to organize (chatting, audio calling, video calling, or conferencing). This system is professional and social, focusing on building a robust global network between consultants, companies, institutions and HYLMAN. With increased integration, globalization becomes a fact with unilateral impacts of indicators across multiple environments. While having the scientists at the research lab simulate and continue studying the world economy and market, HYLMAN ensures the ongoing collaboration between globalized experts and international companies.

CCIP Rates:

Utmost effectiveness

To be able to become a client on the CCIP, companies pay a fixed and very cost effective subscription fee, yearly or monthly, which allows them to retain the consulting services from all kinds of experts on a retainer for an unlimited amount of cases or issues raised in the period of subscription. Without having a variant pricing model that adjusts to different “cash-rich” clients, HYLMAN believes in overarching equality that ensures everyone has access equally and fairly with the main focus on sharing contributions and benefits according to contribution and impact.

CCIP fees:

Social Responsibility and Governance

The charges for the subscription fees paid by clients are fairly distributed to the proactive consultants that were involved in solving the cases, and are subject to ratings provided by the clients, hence guaranteeing the most efficient, effective, quality, and speedy consultation support to companies in the goal for the best rating grade in the competition for highest ranking.

This system empowers a sophisticated payment distribution system to consultants, filtering in the effort of consultants and ratings from companies on each case, as well as considers each case's complexity levels so consultants are compensated equitably. Through social responsibility, HYLMAN is determined to give back to the community while keeping a minute margin for operations in order to ensure a social profit model that contributes to growing the community of experts, reach, and environment.


Profit Sharing model for efficiency

HYLMAN uses an Intelligent Profit Sharing model that builds on operations for growth while at the same time maximizing the returns to all parties. In addition to consultancy benefits, HYLMAN also provides generous commissions to affiliates for business referrals, keeping the sharing of the profits to every stakeholder that contributes to the growth of HYLMAN,

its clients and consultants at any magnitude. With referral compensation, cost effectiveness and efficiency to companies at unprecedented ROI levels, and full flexibility and independence to consultants learning and earning, CCIP empowers an intelligent profit sharing model that seeks to maximize the benefit to all parties involved optimally and without limits.

HYLMAN, through its accredited environmental management system policies by ISO 14001:2015, ensures within its protocols that all persons involved are fully compliant and up to date on the latest management systems that safeguard the environment and protect its livelihood through any means necessary without compromising the missions and objectives for maximizing clients’ ROI.

Worldwide limitations,

Consulting Centrale is the solution

Companies worldwide suffer from the shortage of multicultural and diverse talents often found in traditional firms, as well as lack of assurance for specialized competence from online marketplaces, on top of highly expensive and stressful services. Consulting Centrale remodels the sector by tackling all possible limitations faced today supplemented by intelligence and technology for the professional services industry. It also empowers diverse applications for support with a high level of corporate governance initiatives, allowing room for qualified professionals worldwide, from any background, to grow and shine bright without any out of control restrictions.

Maximum Privacy

and Security Controls, high quality work

Through accreditation for ISO/IEC 27001:2013, cyber essentials, and other international compliance measures for best industry practice, we guarantee utmost discretion and privacy, top quality services, cost-effectiveness, efficient support and renovating solutions delivered to the clients in their management and legal frameworks.

By HYLMAN, through Consulting Centrale's "Consulting for All" principle, believing in: Global positioning, domestic application, glocal solutions.