Why here?

With fully free access, professionally qualified candidates can apply to enroll on the system as consultants to learn, earn, collaborate, network, and showcase their knowledge and skills to companies worldwide. Consulting Centrale is built upon retaining and providing the opportunity to a diverse pool of talented professionals from around the world, regardless of background or location, as talents on the system.

What are the benefits for professionals?
  • An experiential learning curve plus earning, networking, and displaying knowledge.
  • Does not require a full time commitment, consultants are paid per efforts and work.
  • Guaranteed income stream for proactive consultants.
  • Consultants can be located anywhere around the world.
  • Consultants can collaborate, network, and work with others on cases.
  • Proactive consultants can get hired based on their proactivity, results, and work.

What can I do on
Consulting Centrale?

Enrolled consultants can engage, consult, resolve, advise, and provide recommendations on issues and cases faced by companies at anytime, depending on their knowledge and skillset, where they can earn according to their work and connect with a variety of diverse professionals. The system does not restrict consultants on the amount of cases, and so they can work on any number of cases at the same time, which companies will rate their work afterwards.


Consultants get matched, or simply find the cases relative to their experties ans skills.

Submit Solution

Consultants submit an engagement and solution.

Get Paid

Consultants get paid based on their efforts and rating.


Professionals will submit the solutions and get the rating for their skills by companies