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Joining the Consulting Centrale network means working with some of the best companies in the world, on your own terms. You’ll also have the opportunity to be a part of our large community of experts by participating in seminars, training sessions, and networking events.

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Fully free access, Consulting Centrale offers institutions in synergy that retain professionally qualified talents an exceptional placement on the platform to transform their selected talents into knowledge-base and proactive consultants that can learn, earn, collaborate, showcase, and grow with the network.

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How it works?


Consultants get matched, or simply find the cases relative to their experties ans skills.

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Consultants submit solution and get paid based on their efforts and rating.


Professionals will submit the solutions and get the rating for their skills by companies

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Consulting Centrale provides the environment for companies, from all sectors and industries, to enjoy an efficiency augmented/speed oriented consulting and advisory at the most cost-effective rates per period from a diverse pool of consulting talents and entities worldwide.


For companies

  Benefits for companies

  •  An experiential learning curve plus earning, networking, and displaying knowledge.
  •   Does not require a full time commitment, consultants are paid per efforts and work.
  •   Guaranteed income stream for proactive consultants.
  •   Consultants can be located anywhere around the world.
  •   Consultants can collaborate, network, and work with others on cases.
  •   Proactive consultants can get hired based on their proactivity, results, and work.

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What can I do on Consulting Centrale?

With unlimited free access, professional services firms can advise and work with their clients at augmented efficiencies through an all exclusive environment regardless of any user’s physical location, allowing additional room for discussion, followups, communication, and proper guidance swiftly and on the go by multiple users/consultants to multiple clients at the same time.