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of Consulting Centrale

Thinking of joining, but hesitant and need to see the system first-hand?

At Consulting Centrale, we aspire to empower the next generation diverse corporate environment from management and legal consulting fields.

To do that, we invite you to try out the system before deciding to apply as a qualified consultant and join the pool of talents internationally, or join as a company and subscribe at a periodic commitment and enjoy unlimited recommendations to unlimited problems from those multicultural talents.

Why try it out and what to expect?

  • 7 days trial to get a first-hand view of how the system works as a consultant or a company. Get the “feel” of the system as a consultant or company.
  • Check out both the professional and social environments of the system.
  • See how to create a case as a company and receive proposals from consultants and solutions.
  • See how to submit a kickoff proposal to cases as a consultant and solutions.
  • See how to rate a consultant’s work as a company based on their overall and per skill performance.
  • See how to get rated as a consultant and how this rating accumulates on your scorecard.
  • Check out the test environments on the Web, iOS, and android.

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