What is Consulting Centrale?
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Who owns Consulting Centrale?
It is fully owned by HYLMAN SAS, a French-based smart tech company that innovates and houses multiple tech projects in various industries.
Is the system only for consulting purposes?

Mostly. This system is based on its main function of advisory between 2 types of users, consultants and companies. These users’ interactions are based on the professional environment, as in the cases posted by companies to be solved by the relevant consultants. However, there is another environment on the system, social. This environment allows you to post feeds, news, photos, videos, etc in a social manner, showcasing yourself and your interests. All types users are involved on this environment.

If I have an idea for growth, change, or improvement for the system, can I share it with you?
Absolutely. You are most welcome to submit an improvement request to us that we will take into consideration for our next versions of the system. We would be highly grateful for your continuous support in improving the system.
Are you in partnership with other companies?
No. We are, however, a part of a larger Paris-based entity, HYLMAN, which houses simply intelligent projects in old-fashioned industries to revolutionize their way of conducting business. Many projects are underway, C2C, B2B and B2C. Stay tuned with us.
Where are you based?
Physically, we are based within our parent company HYLMAN, at 15 rue DuPont de l’eure, 75020 Paris, France. Realistically, we are based on the network globally. You can reach us from anywhere at anytime.
I would like to know more about you. Where can I go?
Wonderful! Visit our About page to know more about what Consulting Centrale is, visit us at https://www.hylman.com to know more about our parent company, and visit our social media channels to check out our latest trends.
What are your terms and conditions of the system?
Please click here to visit our terms and conditions page.
What is your privacy policy of the system?
Please click here to visit our privacy policy page.
If I faced a technical problem, what do I do?
Contact our support team, who will be available for you and resolve the issue as swiftly as possible.
Can I apply to work full time at consulting Centrale corporate?
Absolutely. Submit your career request to our HR team, or click here to go to our careers form page.
Is there a specific code of conduct on the system?
Absolutely. Only professional level of communication and interaction is allowed on the platform. Profanities, discrimination, abuse, and related misconduct is strictly prohibited. Users undertaking this type of behavior will be banned from the system. Please visit our terms and conditions page for more information.

Do I have to pay a membership fee as a consultant?
No. Individuals can apply and join as consultants without any cost. Our consultants put effort and time in providing solutions to companies. From there consultants can earn based on their work.
Can I apply to the system from anywhere?
Absolutely. We highly empower diversity, multiculturalism, worldly backgrounds, different expertises, and multiethnic entities to join our system. We seek to retain all types of professionals worldwide.
Do I need to be physically available somewhere to work on the system?
No. You can access the system from any point of land worldwide, as long as you have internet access! This system allows you to connect professionally within your fingertips.
I am not proficient in English. Can I become a consultant?
That is fine. Our companies operate internationally, hence requiring multilingual advisories.
What media of communication is available on the system?
Text conversation, phone and video calling, and group conferencing.
How many consultants can join the platform?
As many as the world can provide. We encourage consultant-talented individuals from all around the world, all types of expertise and backgrounds, to try out and apply. Our promise to all users is top-notch consulting at the best cost possible.
Can I work with other consultants on cases?
Definitely. We encourage group work and collaboration, especially on complex cases. This will allow for experiential learning and meeting minds of different consultants worldwide.
Do I have a professional profile page?
Yes. You have a full fledged professional page to showcase your experiences, academics, skills, languages, achievements, industries knowledge, as well as your detailed and overall rating. You also have a specific ID called the “Scorecard”. This scorecard shows your overall, industry, and skills ratings accumulated by the work done with companies and ratings received. This scorecard is your professional system card that differentiates you from other consultants.
Can I work for the companies externally and outside the scope of Consulting Centrale?
No. That is strictly prohibited. Consultants and companies involved in the system are forbidden from undertaking external works. Companies can, however, submit a request to the management to hire you specifying the details of the employment. This will be studied carefully by the management to accept, or reject, the employment request. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for more details
As a consultant, how do I solve a case for a company?
First you must identify the case you are willing to solve. Cases are smartly recommended to consultants based on their industry knowledge, experience, and skills. Then you must study how this case should be solved, and how long the case solution will take. Then you must submit a proposal, individually or as a group with other consultants, stating the amount of time the solution will require, and your approach to take (quantitative analysis, qualitative work, etc) and submit it for the company. As a group, there can be only one proposal submitted by one of you. This will be saved on the company’s dashboard for their reference on what to expect from you. If the company wanted to followup with you on their proposal, they have the possibility of initiating a chat conversation with you on the professional tab, giving you directions, advices, what to expect, and/or a confirmation. Then you must make sure, individually or as a group, to analyze, study, forecast, and establish best scenarios for the case at hand and submit the solution within timely manner as stated in the proposal (E.g if you stated 20 days in the proposal to submit the solution, you must not exceed this time or the case will be closed for you, which you will then receive a default rating of 0).
As a consultant, how do I earn on the platform?
Consultants must first complete at least 10 cases in order to be involved in the payment distribution roll. Secondly, consultants must make sure to solve at least 3 cases per cycle thereafter in order to be involved continuously.
How are the payments distributed to us as consultants?
Companies will rate the solutions submitted by the consultants. These ratings accumulate during periodic cycles. At the end of every cycle, ratings are measured among consultants in order to distribute the compensation fairly and accurately. Higher rated consultants earn more than lower rated ones. It is recommended that consultants be proactive on the system with utmost efficiency and effectiveness for better results.
What factors are involved in the payment distribution?

Amount of cases solved.

Complexity of cases solved.

Overall individual rating.

Group rating.

Distribution of payments are based on the cases solved (E.g 3 cases solved this cycle, share distribution will be based upon these 3 cases only).

As a consultant, can I refer my friend to join as well as a consultant?
Sure. If they got what it takes, they are welcome to try out and apply.
As a consultant, will I be enrolled indefinitely on the system?
Depends on your level of pro-activity. As long as you maintain a good level of rating, you will be enrolled in the system. Once inactivity shows, or your quality of work decreases (proven by the average overall rating shown per cycle), measures will take place for revocation of your enrollment. Being constantly involved maintaining good quality activity is of prime importance.
As a consultant, if I get a rating that, from my perspective, not what I deserved for the work I provided, what can I do?
In this case, you can submit a followup request available on the solved case page to the system’s management specifying the details on the work you’ve done and why you think you deserve a better rating. As management, we will followup on your request and study your work given the case at hand and try to resolute this matter between you and the company should an adjustment to the rating be necessary.

Do I have to pay a membership fee as a company?
Yes. Companies must subscribe to our system and pay a monthly fee based on the type of commitment they intend (monthly commitment, or yearly commitment).
What are the costs of subscription?
Monthly commitment: 1.999€/month
Yearly commitment: 999€/month
What methods of payment am I able to use?
There are 3 methods of payments:
Stripe (debit/credit, master, discovery, or American Express card)
Bank transfer.
How can I ensure I have access to the platform if I proceed with transferring by bank?
Once you proceed with bank transfer, you must submit your transfer transaction ID into the system, where it will check whether this transaction has gone through. If yes, you will be notified that your account is fully active. If not, a retry notification will be sent to you for followup. Our support and management team will be with you at any time to help you with the process.
Is the cost I am paying distributed to the consultants as advertised?
Yes. A large percentage of the subscription paid by companies is distributed to respective proactive consultants. We operate a medium that connects companies and consultants worldwide to have all kinds of consultants working with all kinds of companies, emphasizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness for companies, and a well-rounded income stream for active consultants.
As a company, do I have a professional profile?
Absolutely. Your profile involves your personal information as a user, plus your company’s information. You can connect socially to consultants through your profile as well.
As a company, can consultants send me social messages?
No. You only have the power to initiate one-to-one chat conversations with the consultants outside the scope of cases. They only have the ability to send you messages within the frame of the cases presented.
As a company, do I need to rate the consultants?
Yes. Companies must rate the consultants that have submitted their solutions before closing the case or proceeding to raising another case.
As a company, how can I make sure of the best quality consulting?
This system is not open to the public to join in our professional environment. It is only available to qualified individuals that we allow into the system. Consultants must apply and submit their documents for our HR department to review and choose whether they are eligible to enrolling, or not. It is our priority as well to maintain the quality promised to our clients. Consultants who do not maintain a certain level of rating and excellence for a certain period of time, their enrollment will be revoked from the system.
As a company, is my information safe?
Definitely. Our highest priority is to safeguard and protect company information presented on the platform as cases. Cases’ information cannot be viewed by other companies. Only the company itself and consultants can view the case information. Companies will also have a full dashboard to see who viewed their cases, in addition to checking incoming proposals and solutions to the case.
Can other companies see my information?
No. Companies are not able to view other companies’ information on the professional environment. There can only be social interactions on the social environment.
If I do not want consultants to know who I am and my information as a company, can I submit my cases anonymously?
Absolutely. You have the privilege of posting cases anonymously. Consultants will not be able to identify who you are.
I do not want consultants to see each others’ solutions to my case. What can I do?
Don’t worry. When posting the case, you have the privilege of choosing whether you would like the solutions posted by the consultants to be public, or private to you. In public times, you can then engage them in discussions should they have different opinions or perspectives, giving you the most fruitful outcome.
If I posted a case but had an error or would like to do some changes, what can I do?
That is fine. You can simply close the current case and create a new one.
As a company, how many cases and issues am I able to present on the platform?
As many as you want. Companies enjoy unlimited amounts of issues to be raised for resolution to be uploaded at anytime, as long as their membership status is active.