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CBPT Manager
Contracts, Bid, Project, and Tendering Manager

Area of expertise: Consultancy services

Welcoming all kinds of specialized professionals with managerial and leadership experience as CBPT managers from every region to join the team and pursue greater added value on a regional to global scale.

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we are hiring CBPT Manager

We accommodate our CBPT managers with extensive Human Resources that will support process, research and analysis, operations, management, governance, steering, assessments, intelligence, and all encompassing insights to deliver a project with the highest quality standards and according to the needs of the buyer in the public or private sector.

CBPT managers
Statistics on our

Bid managers

  20 years of experience on average

  $100k-$100m+ value contracts

  1-3% commission returns from total value

  20-30 projects handled per month, A-Z stages

  3-48 months duration per high value contract

  5-30+ specialized experts deployed per project

HYLMAN Certified

Management Systems:

 ISO 9001:2015

 ISO 14001:2015

 ISO 20000-1:2018

 ISO 22301:2019

 ISO 27001:2013

HYLMAN Certified

Highest margin from the total contracts

CBPT managers have the highest margin from the total contracts’ value among the experts involved.

Roles and responsibilities of the CBPT manager:

The role of the CBPT manager includes sourcing, searching, finding, and identifying winnable and competitive leads (besides occasional opportunities and competitions put on the table by HYLMAN’s leadership), followed by the approval to engage (approval by HYLMAN’s management to bid) on the project and preparations for the technical envelope (including testing, assessing, and writing) and commercial responses.

Followed by review, evaluation of quality and preparations, assurance on bona fide, quality standards, HYLMAN’s policies and management systems, efficiency of approach and methodologies, and discussions within the committee for final assurance and with the dedicated directors when and if applicable before submission.

For successfully awarded contracts, project delivery takes place and a team (the human talents) is deployed for the CBPT managers as project managers according to the optimally efficient needs identified for the project. HYLMAN has no limits on any project, aspiring to supply any number of experts, for all industries and sectors, from our professionally qualified and screened pool of vetted talents ready to be deployed onto any magnitude, nature, duration, size, and complexity of project anywhere worldwide.

Dedicated research lab and center for excellence fully equipped with overachieving talented minds providing the latest market knowledge and industry insights to HYLMAN and direction for the best skills and talents supporting every delivery.

Our needs are growing and that can only be made possible with a well equipped team supporting the A-Z of the entire process, from initial screening and sourcing of contracts to final project delivery. Built into the policies, HYLMAN’s principles always touch upon diversity, efficiency, and innovation.

We pursue high value opportunities, and that success can be achieved only together by contributing all of our expertise and competitive edge to creating one unified leadership in the market.

As our fleet grows, so should you. Emphasizing robust methodologies to win competitions and deliver quality work for the public and private sectors. Strength in numbers and value bringing people from everywhere under one roof.

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Before applying, make sure you have the following ready:

  Cover letter - why are you the best candidate for the CBPT in a specific region?

  CV (with details on tendering/bidding)

  Geographical expertise and years in tendering and procurement in terms of regions

  Success rates in the past

  Expected ability to source opportunities per month (any valuable network to support this aspect) and expectation to win bids (potential win rate) and manage the projects in your regions

  Case studies and references from successfully managed bids/tenders in the past (more details on the tendering and process)

  Case studies and references from successfully delivered consultancies (if applicable)

  Written pieces/reports/evaluations from experience (if applicable)

  Any possible limitations or conflicts of interests

  Dedicated availability for the role (high volume of projects, sourcing, handling, management of consultants and delivery teams, committees, etc)

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