Why here?

Fully free access, professional services firms can use consulting centrale’s all exclusive and privately dedicated resource or “landscape” as a special tool to advise, guide, consult, and work with their clients from all around the world through any sort of electronic device.

What are the benefits as a Company?
  • Unlimited free access to a professionally dedicated landscape to advise their clients.
  • Limit face to face interactions and abiding by world’s health safety protocols.
  • Reach current and prospective clients easily without the expense or hassle of traveling.
  • Full fledged dashboard to monitor, track, and view analytics of the work carried out.
  • Value added efficiency and effectiveness in the methodologies utilized.
  • Adapt to tomorrow’s way of advisory.

What can I do on
Consulting Centrale?

With unlimited free access, professional services firms can advise and work with their clients at augmented efficiencies through an all exclusive environment regardless of any user’s physical location, allowing additional room for discussion, followups, communication, and proper guidance swiftly and on the go by multiple users/consultants to multiple clients at the same time.


A special access or private \"room\" is built with full privacy to their clients and cases.


Authorized person have access to a comprehensive dashboard to monitor the track insights.


Clients post cases, which are accessible only by authorized persons to advise and consult.


Clients can rate the work of the firm for added value and constructive feedback.