Why here?

Consulting Centrale provides the environment for companies, from all sectors and industries, to enjoy an efficiency augmented/speed oriented consulting and advisory at the most cost-effective rates per period from a diverse pool of consulting talents and entities worldwide.

What are the benefits for companies?
  • Total discretion and privacy of information with a fully dedicated dashboard.
  • Companies retain the services at the most cost effective rates comparatively.
  • Unlimited amounts of issues or cases can be raised at anytime per period.
  • Receive multiple analyses and solutions from various consultants at a swift manner.
  • Companies can choose to post issues or cases anonymously.
  • Companies rate the consultants’ work and so ensuring the best approach to issues.

What can I do on
Consulting Centrale?

Companies can post as many issues as they want per period, where they will enjoy the privilege of intelligent consulting on a retainer and receive multiple solutions to their cases from a diverse pool of consultants matching to their required skills and knowledge, where they can choose to assemble different recommendations on cases by grouping the consultants in a discussion to reach a unified solution to the issue at hand, and rate the consultants’ work. Companies can rest assure on the talents on the platform without going through the headache or burden of searching and finding the most appropriate consulting entity, as well as without incurring any additional cost. Using a sophisticated payment distribution system, fees paid by companies are distributed evenly and fairly to proactive consultants according to their rating and efforts.

Post an Issue

Companies can post as many issues as they want.


Companies enjoy a full-fledged dashboard.


Companies receive a multitude of solutions to select.


Companies rate the solutions and skills of consultants and get work done.