What is Consulting Centrale


Consulting Centrale is an all-exclusive private consulting system and multiplatform that allows organizations, qualified consultants, and network of synergies in accord with HYLMAN to be a part of the structure, professionally and socially.

It revolves around management and legal consulting within all kinds of industries. This central consulting system is built upon connecting companies with a diverse pool of consulting professionals from all around the world, allowing an international reach to multicultural, multitalented, and multiple consultants within fingertips using the latest in smart-tech and intelligence.

This system cannot be accessed without proper authorization of the management, and the management only accepts highly qualified professionals as consultants, thus guaranteeing the best quality services and interaction between parties.

These consultants have access, according to their skills and expertise, to the cases presented by companies/clients to analyze and provide solutions, individually or within groups. Companies are able to receive several recommendations of which they can dissect, assemble, and choose the best direction, or group the consultants together in a “room” to discuss and choose the most appropriate course of action.

Companies are able to connect with consultants through the system using any method of communication (chatting, calling, video calling, or conferencing).This system is both professional and social, focusing on building robust connections between consultants, companies, institutions, and HYLMAN.

In order to enter the system, companies pay a fixed and very cost effective subscription fee per period, yearly or monthly, which allows them to retain the consulting services on a retainer for an unlimited amount of cases or issues.

The fees paid by companies are then mostly distributed to proactive consultants based on their work on cases rated by the companies, guaranteeing the most efficient, effective, quality, and speedy consultation to companies. This system empowers a sophisticated payment distribution system to consultants, filtering in the effort of consultants and ratings from companies on each case. It smartly identifies each cases' complexity levels so consultants are compensated fairly and equitably.

Companies worldwide suffer from the shortage of multicultural talents in the old-fashioned consulting firms, on top of highly expensive and stressful services. This system tackles all possible issues faced today in the professional services industry and empowers diverse applications with a high level of corporate governance initiatives, allowing room for professionals worldwide, from any background or region, to shine bright without any domestic or out of control restriction.

We guarantee utmost discretion and privacy, top quality services, cost-effective subscriptions, and efficient solutions to the companies in their management and legal frameworks.

By HYLMAN, believing in:

Global positioning, domestic application, glocal solutions.