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Please click here to know more about "What is Consulting Centrale?".

It is fully owned by HYLMAN SAS, a French-based smart tech company that innovates and houses multiple tech projects in various industries.

Mostly. This system is based on its main function of advisory between 2 types of users, consultants and companies. These users’ interactions are based on the professional environment, as in the cases posted by companies to be solved by the relevant consultants. However, there is another environment on the system, social. This environment allows you to post feeds, news, photos, videos, etc in a social manner, showcasing yourself and your interests. All types users are involved on this environment.

Absolutely. You are most welcome to submit an improvement request to us that we will take into consideration for our next versions of the system. We would be highly grateful for your continuous support in improving the system.

No. We are, however, a part of a larger Paris-based entity, HYLMAN, which houses simply intelligent projects in old-fashioned industries to revolutionize their way of conducting business. Many projects are underway, C2C, B2B and B2C. Stay tuned with us.

Physically, we are based within our parent company HYLMAN, at 15 rue DuPont de l’eure, 75020 Paris, France. Realistically, we are based on the network globally. You can reach us from anywhere at anytime.

Wonderful! Visit our About page to know more about what Consulting Centrale is, visit us at to know more about our parent company, and visit our social media channels to check out our latest trends.

Please click here to visit our terms and conditions page.

Please click here to visit our privacy policy page.

Contact our support team, who will be available for you and resolve the issue as swiftly as possible.

Absolutely. Submit your career request to our HR team, or click here to go to our careers form page.

Absolutely. Only professional level of communication and interaction is allowed on the platform. Profanities, discrimination, abuse, and related misconduct is strictly prohibited. Users undertaking this type of behavior will be banned from the system. Please visit our terms and conditions page for more information.

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