HYLMAN promises the Public Sector the "most effective consultancy" in terms of cost, efficiency, and results

HYLMAN is an officially named supplier to offer consulting services in the UK Public Sector on the Management Consultancy Framework Three, RM6187.

Sep 03, 2021

According to Hassan Al-Shama, cofounder and president of HYLMAN, "We are building the most robust methods preparing for projects of any kind and nature using our worldwide reach of expertise, data, and value proposition."

HYLMAN, through Consulting Centrale, has reach to over 100,000 specialized experts worldwide, which it will mobilize selectively according to the needs of the clients. "With an arsenal of diverse expertise, we bring forth a proposition that promises an outstanding value that not many firms can provide, especially in terms of cost, efficiency, and results", Hassan adds. "We seek to establish long term and valuable relationships with our clients in the public sector."

One metric that HYLMAN strongly emphasizes is the 'happiness gauge', where it measures the level of satisfaction rated by its buyers. In doing so, it promotes properties to achieving its desired optimal grade through providing first-time buyers with special discounted models that range from 10% up to 50% on the consultants' day rates and ending profit margin. "We aspire to support our clients not only for one or two projects, but all projects they can think of, even if that would mean we only breakeven or achieve a slight margin to continue our operations."

Another part of HYLMAN's proposition empowering the happiness gauge is 'assurance for results and value-impact', where it promises the expected effective findings, delivery, and implementation that if they were not achieved reasonably due to its experts' working scope or support limitation, they would mobilize the experts for any amount of days until the clients are assured satisfactorily without any additional costs. "This brings a new form of true delivery based on proper principles, and not force-fitting predetermined frameworks or conclusions that most consultants do nowadays", as Hassan puts it.

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