Through COVID, Consulting Centrale ringfences its efficiency and intelligence for HYLMAN

Consulting Centrale is supplementing its intelligence, data and consultants access, and digital resources to make available when needed to the HYLMAN's dedicated Management Consultancy channel.

Sep 06, 2021

Consulting Centrale is working on enhancing its capabilities with artificial intelligence and automation that can promise value for use in the future. Instead of relying on pure data analytic intelligence, it is focusing on the next steps that will soon reveal their forms. HYLMAN's dedicated consultancies, with access to Consulting Centrale's intelligence, is fully equipped with what's needed for projects of any nature in management consulting that are increasing in complexity across multiple sectors, especially with the introduction of the coronavirus in 2019 that made it clear that no industry, player, or even government is properly protected.

The coronavirus's impact on the world was "A display of vulnerability and an exemplar to prove the need of the new process", according to Yaman Al-Shama, cofounder and general director of HYLMAN. Where companies on one hand need the right course of action at 'cutting edge' methodologies, it should not refrain from the basics of protection and defense within the mix. "A blend of both defensive measures, protection, and safety with technology and ingenuity, that is the exact way of thinking and operating of HYLMAN and Consulting Centrale." Yaman is also promising the governments direct support where needed to keep the commercial and economic sectors alive and well adapted to the requirements of tomorrow with airtight strategies.

An ideal scenario today would be getting rid of the coronavirus once and for all, yet is proving stronger than what pharmaceutical companies are equipped to fight against. With the rollout of vaccines, the coronavirus is developing rapidly in numbers as shown here reaching more than 220 million cases since its release and 4.5 million deaths so far, with more that are not accounted for according to new sources.