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Studying the economic retail sector and the availability of consumers in the region
Studying the economic retail sector and the availability of consumers in the region

Investigating the sufficiency of economic retail from the production channel in the value chain and managerial models that can operate efficiently compared to larger and more cost effective competitors, with emphasis on the product mix, quality, and end user experience than a potentially lost pricing edge in the market by examining indicators to breakeven and cost-benefit analysis of accustoming sales systems. Creating new strategies applicable to different economic scenarios predicted by data driven precision models, and evaluating sector specific growth by market sizing and profiling different audience segments within logistical reach. In addition to identifying, studying, and creating a digital transformation model for virtual self-presence over marketplaces or publisher networks with potential partnerships with complementary distributor channels that are able to market, lead and move the products to multiple locations.

Kiljuao Zeyxinp

Kiljuao Zeyxinp

Operations Executive, Saiko Zen

It is an honor to work with Hassan and Consulting Centrale that showed us true value we missed and changes we were afraid to take because of many years in activity.

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Go to market strategy and marketing models with respect to the susceptibility of the environment and what to expect


Enhancing operational strategies and pathways adjusted to market and consumer segments

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