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We are a Freight company requiring marketing consultation and knowing if we will regain customers.


Due to coronavirus, our man-dependent operations of delivery of anything from food to house moving have paused. We are based in Mumbai, India, and need to know when this outbreak will disappear and when we can resume our delivery operations. We are facing constant losses for 2 months now since our services were forcefully stopped by the government. From our survey sent out to our customers, they are very much interested in resuming our services and using it. If the government continues to forcefully impose these operations lockdown, we will be out of business in almost 3-4 months and will, therefore, need to apply for bankruptcy. Our creditors are seeking repayments for our debts, but we are unable to pay them altogether. I need recommendations on how we can resume our freight operations in India, and if all the people will still be interested in using our services even if the government decides to resume the natural state.

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